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Environmentally friendly anti-solvent foam extinguishing agent

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Product Description

Environmentally resistant foam extinguishing agent (S / AR3% type, S / AR6% type)
■ Overview:
     The extinguishing agent for low expansion foam fire extinguishing agent for a variety of low expansion foam generator. Suitable for the production and storage of alcohols, esters, ethers, ketones, organic acids and other water-soluble combustible, flammable liquid fire fighting and prevention, such as: large chemical plants, wineries, chemical storage, shipping.
     Fluoroprotein anti-dissolving foam fire extinguishing agent is widely used in the production, storage of water-soluble, non-water-soluble, flammable, flammable liquids in large chemical plants, airports, wineries, oil, chemical depots, oil depots, ships, Prevention and fighting, a large area of ​​oil fires and solid fire fighting, the effect is better than protein, fluoride protein foam extinguishing agent.

 ■ mixing ratio:
  S / AR3% type mixing ratio with water of 3:97
  S / AR6% type and water mixing ratio of 6:94

■ Pour point: -10 ℃ cold-type common type deg.] C ~ -25 deg.] C -15
■ packaging, transportation and storage requirements:
 . A product is packaged in 20 Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg, 200Kg plastic barrels, 1000 Kg (IBC tons of barrels)
 B products during transport, storage and other chemicals can not be mixed with other types of foam fire extinguishing agent
 c. the product should be stored in a cool, dry coffers, to prevent exposure, storage ambient temperature deg.] C ~ 40 deg.] C -5 
D. the company can For your preparation of cold-and low viscosity products

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