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FC188 punching machine

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The cleaning effect of the punching machine is mainly achieved by the impact force of the high-speed water column which is ejected under a certain pressure.On the basis of the impact force mainly by the water flow itself, the following measures may further improve the cleaning effect:

1) the water flow in the form of appropriate pulse injection of the impact, or the water into the more types of red teeth introduced more bubbles can also have a similar role in the impact of vibration;2) Add a number of different functions to the feed stream, such as the addition of fine hard heavy sand particles to form numerous high-speed "bullets", or add some additional cleaning function of the surfactant, etc. The impact of water column cleaning capacity and water column size There are relationships Teeth and gingival at the junction of a about 2 mm deep teeth around the toothbrush is simple and convenient, but not attached to the teeth of the teeth called the gingival sulcus, which is leading to the root of the most important but at the junction of the most easy to filth, Is the most likely cause of dental and gum disease.

Gingival sulcus and teeth are the two most difficult places to clean, there are studies that "up to 40% of the tooth surface can not be used toothbrush clean." Although flossing(Or toothpick) can remove the tooth surface deposits, but the microscopic point of view, do not punch the flat surface of the tooth will still be dirty. Bacterial growth and only a very thin layer membrane to nutrition, the remnants of dirt films have harmful effects And still part of the existence of both Cuikulaxiu strong and can drill into the hole of the pressure of water from the principle that is the most ideal way to clean the mouth. According to the relevant research institutions in the United States, the pressure of water can rush into the gingival sulcus to 50-90% depth, high frequency pressure water column can not only clean to a variety of crevice holes and convex surface, and its effect can achieve micro-thorough "clean "Not just the macro rough" clear ". In addition to cleaning the teeth of the oral cavity of the function, the water on the gums also massage the role of blood circulation to promote the strengthening of local tissue disease resistance, but also to eliminate poor oral hygiene caused by bad breath.

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