Infa Warmer i- Incubator

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【Medical care in the emergency stage】Surgical operations can be performed safely in the NICU.
Resuscitator including the oxygen blender 
 <Add-on unit>
LED lighting lamp to enable the medical staff to   observe the infant’s skin color clearly
X-ray cassette tray
Disposable liner to prevent cross infection
【Medical care in the chronic stage】Long-term management with less stress to the infant is possible.
Pressure-dispersion mattress to provide stable and   comfortable resting and sleeping surface
Baby Guard

Infa Warmer i Atom Infant Incubator 103
Atom's code Power requirements
61633 AC120V ±10%
61634 AC230V ±10%

Atom's code Description
61625 SpO2 Unit (Masimo)
61626 SpO2 Unit (Nellcor)
61640 Weight Monitor Unit (120V)
61641 Weight Monitor Unit (230V)
61652 Blender Unit P type
61653 Blender Unit E type
Main body : Customer specified
Servo control / Manual control
Dimensions Main body : 84(W)×110(D)×179~219(H)cm
Mattress surface : 81~121cm in height
Weight Approx. 112kg
(with the unit includes the Blender unit)

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