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N-STORM Super-Resolution

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Super-Resolution microscope system offering ten times the resolution of conventional optical microscopes.

N-STORM is a super-resolution microscope system that combines “STochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy” technology (licensed from Harvard University) and Nikon's Eclipse Ti research inverted microscope.

Ten Times the Resolution of Conventional Optical Microscopes

N-STORM utilizes a high accuracy localization information for thousands of individual fluorophores present in a field of view to create breathtaking super-resolution images exhibiting spatial resolution of 20nm; ten times greater than conventional optical microscopes.

3D Imaging with 50 nm Axial Resolution

In addition to lateral super-resolution, N-STORM utilizes proprietary methods to achieve a tenfold enhancement in axial resolution to 50nm, effectively providing 3D information at a nanoscopic scale.

Unique Multi-color Technology

Multi-color super-resolution imaging can be carried out using several dye strategies.

Unique tandem dye pairs (e.g. Alexa 405-Alexa 647, Cy2-Alexa 647, Cy3-Alexa 647) that combine "activator" and "reporter" probes allow highly accurate localization with no z shift.

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