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SMZ645 660

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Brand JLM
Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description

Key Features:

6.3x Zoom Ratio Offers Magnifications from 0.8x to 5x

By using twin zooming objective optics developed exclusively by Nikon, the SMZ660 incorporates a convenient 6.3x zoom ratio, enabling observations at just the right magnification to match the sample. The zooming knob also features click-stops which allow changes in magnification in 1x intervals from 1x to 4x without removing your eye from the eyepiece.

Diascopic Stand With Large Diameter Stage Glass

The diameter of the stage glass in the diascopic stand has been widened to make it possible to view samples even in large Petri dishes.

Ergonomic Auxiliary Objective For Correct Eye-level Positioning

Nikon has also developed a new G-AL ERG ergonomic auxiliary objective that is freely adjustable to match the operator’s eye level for comfortable viewing. The microscopes also have 0.5x, 0.7x, 1.5x, and 2x auxiliary objectives, which boast long working distances to improve work efficiency.

Low-position Focus Knob Enables Quick, Effortless Focusing

The focus knob is located within easy reach of the operator, eliminating the need to twist your shoulders to use it.

Airtight Design

By making the joints airtight, Nikon has succeeded in preventing contamination from dust, oil, drops of water, or other contaminants. This reduces the need to perform regular maintenance, saving overall costs.


The SMZ660 are designed to discharge static electricity buildup within the microscope almost instantly. This prevents samples from becoming damaged, ensuring higher yields and lowering production costs for your products. An optional ESD stage plate is also available for greater anti-electrostatic effects.


In addition to being airtight, the SMZ660 has an anti-mold design developed exclusively by Nikon. This ensures peace of mind when these microscopes are used in environments that are subject to high heat or humidity.

Focusing Mounts

In addition to the C-FMA/B (for universal stands) used to install the zooming body, the C-FMC Focusing Mount C for the SMZ1500/1000/800 stands can be used with these microscopes. The C-FMC Focusing Mount C can accommodate a large-sized stage.

Streamlined Base Allows Operation Without Removing Your Hands From the Microscope

The plain stand features a trim design that makes handling samples much easier. Moreover, the base has a wide front and smooth curves, allowing operators to work while comfortably resting their arms in a natural position.

Long 115mm (4.5in) Working Distance

Even though the SMZ660 offers extremely high magnifications, they still provide the longest working distances of any microscopes in their class. This allows you to process and manipulate samples with ease, even while performing delicate or complex tasks.

Eyepiece with a Built-in Diopter Adjuster

The eyepiece was designed especially for the SMZ660 and comes equipped with built-in diopter correction. This brings the image and the reticle into focus at the same time, making it easier to view images, while reducing eye strain.

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