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NIS Elements Br Microscope Imaging Software

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Product Description

NIS-Elements BR is scaled to manage basic research applications.  While not as full featured as the Advanced Research module, BR offers most of the total imaging solutions as its more powerful counterpart.  With BR, you still have access to advanced image capture, archiving, and analysis solutions that are easy-to-use and provide maximum workflow.

BR handles multi-dimensional imaging with ease, with support for capture, display, data management, analysis and additional options for peripheral device control, and multi-dimensional acquisition. The 4D module builds four dimensional acquisition into BR (For example: X, Y, T, λ (wavelength) or X, Y, Z, XY (multi-point)). It also provides advanced image processing options such as database capabilities and report generation, intensity over time measurement, and Extended Depth of Focus functionality.

The system contributes to experiment efficiency with a database building feature developed to handle archiving, searching, and analysis of large numbers of multi-dimensional image files.


NIS-Elements makes fluorescence and brightfield photodocumentation easy and intuitive, and offers extensive data management functions. The software’s interface is designed to simplify workflow, and delivers fast image acquisition speeds via direct streaming RAM to record rapid biological events. It provides complete control over Nikon motorized microscopes and other devices with powerful functions like a zoom control linked to calibration.

Live Cell Acquisition

NIS-Elements performs live cell, 6D experiments quickly and flawlessly. It can organize X, Y, Z, Lambda (wavelength) and Time within one integral platform, for easier-than-ever multi-dimensional imaging. Four types of “dimensions” of acquisition – Time, Multipoint, Z-series, Wavelength (Multichannel)— can be selected.

Image Quantification

NIS-Elements innovative analysis capabilities include object counting, automated measurements, region of intent measurements and time measurements including image ratioing of multi-channel images.

Advanced Image Processing

NIS-Elements innovative image processing capabilities give users’ further control and functionality in their experiments. Advanced visualization methods, like capturing 3D data sets, 2D/3D data set analysis, and large image stitching can all be performed with relative ease with the software.

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