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Phenolic Foam Pipe and Duct Insulation

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Brand Gulf Cool Therm Factory L.L.C
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Cost effective because lower thermal conductivity facilitates usage of lesser thickness of Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam for the same level of insulation. A Wide service temperature range between -196 0C to +130 0C makes Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam ideal for low temperature and cryogenic applications. It can be ectively used on LSHS, fuel oil and low pressure steam and hot water lines. Lower K Value (K Value = 0.018W/mk) – that means exceptionally low thermal conductivity.

Main application Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam are using for the application of Chilled Water Pipe and Duct Insulations. 

Wide service range for diverse insulation applications. Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam is a rigid CFC and HCFC Free cellular foam insulation material with a substantially closed cell structure, whose polymer structure is made primarily from the poly-condensation of phenol, its homologues and/or derivatives with aldehydes and ketones.

Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam has various distinct properties that make it better than any other conventional insulation materials.

Low water absorption is a key feature of Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam A high closed cell content of up to 95% results in very low water vapour transmission and reduces condensation. Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam assures longer life as it is unaected by most aromatic and aliphatic solvents. Odourless and does not absorb colour. Rodent/insect Proof and being mildly antiseptic resists fungal and bacterial growth.

Corrosion and chemical resistance is another strength. Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam resists organic solvents and chemicals. Being non-abrasive and hydrophobic, it does not corrode metal.
Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam has anti-static properties. It is an electrical
insulator and in case of friction does not generate static electricity or sparks.
FIRE PERFORMANCE The re performance of Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic
Foam is exceptional. It combines zero or very low ame spread with
negligible smoke emission and a very low level of toxic gas emission.


ENVIRONMENT Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam has very low embodied
energy per unit thermal performance compared to other insulation materials.
Signicant CO2 savings can be achieved compared to other insulation
Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam is available in both CFC and HCFC free
MOISTURE RESISTANCE Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam has been used
successfully in insulation systems where moisture resistance is a key issue.
The reasons for this excellent performance are:
Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam has a low water vapour permeance and is
therefore highly resistant to the passage of water vapour.
Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam has low water absorption which takes
place predominantly in the cut/broken surface cells of the foam.
Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam is non-wicking. This means that if water
enters the insulation system due to the vapour barrier becoming
punctured, any moisture ingress is limited and conned to the punctured
area. This ensures moisture does not build up and compromise the whole

THERMAL PERFORMANCE Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam oer a range
of thermal conductivity performance. The closed cell type oers the
lowest thermal conductivity available from any other conventional
insulation material resulting from:
Closed cell structure.
Extremely small cell diameter.
Low thermal conductivity gas permanently encapsulated in cells. Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam oers the following benets: 

values from 0.018 W/m.K depending on national certication requirements Excellent low thermal conductivity allows reduction in long term energy costs Gulf Cool Therm Phenolic Foam can be up 50% more thermally
ecient than other common insulation materials Higher thermal eciency allows reduced insulation thicknesses
to be used thereby saving valuable space 


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