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PLATES ODE Starflex Insulation Materials

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Brand ODE Insulation
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Warranty YES

Product Description

Produced by melting quartz sand at a high temperature of manufacturing thereof and fibers. It is used for the purpose of thermal insulation, sound insulation and the formation of the acoustic environment, and fire safety.
Depending on the location and purpose of application, is produced in various sizes and with various technical properties, in the form of mats, plates, pipes with coatings of different materials.


Plates used for external heat and internal heat and sound insulation.
Density = 22kg / m³
As a water-repellent silicone thermal and acoustic insulation material between two wall elements,
in the double-sided wall sandwich panels,
in order to create an acoustic environment

Concrete Blocks

Plates made of fiberglass, with one side coated with yellow or black fiber glass.
Density = 22kg / m³
The heat and sound insulation of all types of partitions and partition walls and elevators, staircases and light wells.

The internal insulation of wooden buildings

In attics, between rafters under the roof and sloping concrete stilling plate to heat and sound insulation.


Both sides are covered with amber glass, plate glass with the addition of silicon.

Density = 28kg / m³
used in the insulation of external walls.

Front panels

One surface is coated with a yellow or black glass, plate glass with the addition of silicon.
Density = 40kg / m³
Due to moisture repellent and water-repellent properties, do not let water leak as a result of damage to the external surface of the building, used as a water-repellent silicone material under the outer coating of buildings.


This rigid sheets of glass, coated on one side with yellow or black fiber glass.

Density = 100 kg / m³


For heat and sound insulation between the layers under floating screed on bearing floors and under moving parts.
For the purpose of sound insulation and sound insulation on horizontal and inclined flat roofs, under floating screeds and coatings.

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