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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant

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VPI is a process in which resins, varnish is forced into integrate parts of its winding to achieve void the insulation.

The impregnation vessels are available in different options such as top loading and front loading. This can be offered depending on the application and handling facility available at work station.

The impregnation plants are mainly designed for:

1. Resin/Varnish Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (for electrical insulation application)
2. Casting/Metal Impregnation (for porosity removal and surface finish application)
3. Special Applications viz Silver Nitrate

1. Resin/Varnish Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Vacuum impregnation is the most important process for electrical insulation. CEE DEE VACUUM designs, manufacture and installs vacuum pressure impregnation plants suitable for all types of impregnation varnishes, oils, resins etc. The plants are useful for impregnation of LT/HT motors, generators coils, HV motors. The system can be designed for special applications like silver nitrate impregnation, carbon impregnation etc. In this case, the pressure applied is critical and needs special care.

These plants are available in the following categories:

1) Standard Impregnation
2) Combi Impregnation

In standard Impregnation systems Resin/Varnish is impregnated and at room temperature.

In Combi Plant the impregnation is done at elevated temperatures, an arrangement is provided to raise the temperature and maintain the job temperature during the impregnation.

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