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VCU Capacitor Voltage Transformer

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Product Specification

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Product Description

Capacitor voltage transformer is used to separate measuring and protection equipment from high voltage, and to transform ineasured voltages to the values suitable for measuring and protection equipment. The capacitor voltage transformer can also be sued for high —frequency signal transmission.

Major parameter

♦Rated secondary voltage: 100/1V, 100/3V or 110/V V, 110/3V ♦Thermal limiting output: 2000VA ♦Quantity of secondary winding, rated burden of each winding, accuracy class, rated voltage factor, rated frequency, ambient temperature and all other parameters can meet clients' requirements and involved standards. ♦This type voltage transformer withstand 0.3g seismic intensity earthquake. 

IEC 60044-5 Capacitor voltage transformer
GB/T 4703-2007 Capacitor voltage transformer
ANSI.BS and other standards are also applicable.


Structure feature 

We introduced and absorbed internationally advanced technique, research and develop international advanced capacitor voltage transformer. It combined by capacitive voltage dividers and electromagnetic unit. Interior of the capacitive voltage divider unit are series connected capacitors rolled by composite material, on the top of the voltage transformer is metal bellows for compensating the change of oil volume. Bushing structure of high-strength porcelain or silicon rubber as the external insulation, can completely meet the requirement of standard creepage distance 20, 25 or 31mm/kV. According to voltage level difference, capacitive voltage divider is assembled by one or several sealed independent units. Electromagnetic unit consists of medium voltage transformer, compensating reactor, damping device restraining ferroresonance, and overvoltage protection device, etc. The electromagnetic unit is filled with high-quality transformer oil with the moisture content less then 10mg/g after vacuum dehydration and degassing treatment, which ensures excellent dielectric properties. The tank of electromagnetic unit is made of high-quality casting aluminum alloy materials with good anti-corrosive prevention property. The secondary terminal plate with epoxy resin casting is provided in the secondary terminal box on the tank, which prevent oil leakage, and the secondary terminal is M8 screw made of brass. The high voltage terminal of the product is made of aluminum alloy into cylindrical or plate shape according to different requirements.

Main technical advantage
♦Design. manufacturing and operating experience of VCU type capacitor voltage transformer for over 40 years, the highest voltage level of the product is 765kV.
♦Meet all requirements of metering and protection accuracy class in standards. ♦Low dielectric loss(tan5=0.05%). ♦The capacitance value of the product is extreme stability with the change of power net work frequency and temperature.. ♦High number of capacitor elements to ensure ideal distribution of voltage along internal and extemal insulation. ♦The resonant frequency of the capacitor voltage dividers is higher than 1 MHz. ♦External metal parts adopt anticorrosive protection, maintenance free in lifetime. ♦Compared with the similar product, minimum weight and excellent quality make it always reliable. ♦The product meets the special requirements of high seismic intensity, high pollution class and extreme weather conditions, and we will try our best to meet clients' requirements. ♦Instrument transformer lifetime is over 40 years.

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